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  • Design of new type automatic cutting machine for pipe
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Pipe is widely used in various industries, and the blanking process is the basis of the subsequent processing of the pipe. The accuracy and efficiency of the blanking process directly affect the quality of the product and the cost. Pipe length cutting is mainly to cut the pipe into required length. At present, the pipe cutting way if is in manual feeding, manual picking way, will can not meet the rapid development of machinery, shipbuilding, military, petrochemical, energy, vehicle manufacturing, aerospace and other industrial needs. Therefore, it is very important to realize the automation of cutting feed. By mechanical or electrical control, according to a certain rule to complete the people required a series of actions, not only can improve working conditions, reduce the labor intensity of workers, to ensure production safety, improve production efficiency and product quality, but also reduce the consumption of raw materials, saving equipment investment, reduce production costs. To realize the automation of pipe cutting is the basic way and measure to improve the cutting efficiency, improve the cutting accuracy and ensure the safety of cutting.

1 design requirements 1.1 general layout design work process and continuous process; high cutting efficiency; strong stability; high intensive cutting, suitable for various pipe fittings in different size and shape cutting; structured; compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life, beautiful appearance.2-1F5031G931-50.jpg

To determine the main parameters of the 1.2 overall cut pieces of the original length of not more than 12m; the pipe diameter range of 15~50mm; high 200mm wide rectangular tube carry, carry 35mm; fittings from cutting length 2m; table spindle height from the ground to 2 0.8m. overall structure diagram of the overall design and working principle of each part as shown. The overall structure of the machine is mainly composed of frame, stepper motor, ball screw drive, a mobile pneumatic clamp, two fixed pneumatic clamp, cutting wheel device and control system.

2.2 automatic feeding device working principle, before cutting the pipe, first rely on the fixed starting fixture on the positioning plate, will be a number of cut pipe fittings into the fixture and aligned. When the pipe is released, the automatic cutting is done by the starting device of the control button. Pipe cutting operation, the first mobile pneumatic fixture clamping fittings, and stepper motor to drive the screw rod to rotate through the coupling, so that the mobile pneumatic fixture for axial movement in a certain orbit, drives the moving pipe to be cut. Then, two fixed pneumatic clamps clamp the pipe fittings to perform the cutting work. At the same time, the pneumatic clamp is released and returned to the original position for the next feeding. The control system controls the rotation of the stepper motor, to achieve the precise cutting pipes of various lengths, reading error of 0.1mm. 2.3 clamping device working principle by pre programming, automatic control by the control system, the dynamic clamp and the fixed gas in cutting stage of jig in the mobile phase of the gas feed pipe, to locate and clamp compressed air.

2.4 cutting device working principle using high-speed rotating abrasive cutting pipe. A grinding wheel is made from the adhesion of abrasives by fibers, resins, or rubber. In the skilled operation, the grinding wheel can be quickly and accurately cut, and cut neatly and without burr.

2.5 control system working principle, through pre programmed, so as to complete the reservation control requirements, in order to realize the whole machine automation. This is the core of the PLC control system, complete the supply and return step motor, the mobile pneumatic fixture with fixed pneumatic clamping and relax, to complete the cutting grinding wheel, and after the completion of the action at the same time, also reached every work order to index and required.

After the pipe is put into the fixture, the alignment board is used to calibrate the zero point. Then the PLC control system is used to control the rotation angle of the stepping motor and the clamping and loosening of the fixture, as well as the fixed length cutting. Each part of the automatic feeding device needs the input and output of the corresponding signals, so that the whole work process can be completed smoothly.

Design of the 3 main components of the design and calculation of the 3.1 driving and calculation of driving a variety of ways, you can choose mechanical linear motor drive, using motor drive, drive, hydraulic drive reciprocating magnet, pneumatic etc.. The automatic feeding device is driven in two parts: the pipe feed, the axial movement of the drive; two, clamp clamping and relaxation movement drive. As the axial movement of the pipe needs to be docked to many positions and requires higher precision, the linear stepping motor is used to drive the clamping fixture and the pneumatic drive is adopted for the clamping and loosening drive.

The drive mechanism 3.2 axial movement of the design of this topic mainly aims at the use of the original furniture pipe, pipe length is 10m, the maximum cutting length is 2m, precision of 0.1mm, so the automatic feeding device adopts axial drive ball screw drive. It can ensure high precision, micro feeding, efficiency (down to thirty-fourth pages), second, cultural consumption facilities and places, the concept of consumption of relatives and friends, and other factors, are also important factors affecting residents' cultural consumption. Residents' cultural consumption and cultural consumption places the community surrounding environment and facilities are closely linked, the majority of residents in the spare time, cultural consumption will be taken to the nearest principle, so we should strengthen cultural infrastructure construction, and improve the relevant supporting services, cultural consumption provide convenience for the residents, improve the residents' cultural consumption. Satisfaction. The cultural industry itself has the nature of public welfare. Only through the support of the government can the great development of the cultural industry be promoted, and the cultural infrastructure is both