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  • Use of special tenon and tenon width of sawing blades for carpenter's saws
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The following is the installation method:

First, before using the DADO composite blade is used for slotting, or do a good tool for rapid tenon with slotted DADO, this incident quickly and easily, the composition of DADO was shown by the following you, left two pieces of 8 inch blade on the right side of the oval saw a piece of 6mm, three 3mm a, 1.5mm, composed of thin gasket plus, you can be in accordance with the need of sawing thickness combination of saw blade assembly required, such accessories only suitable for relatively large Table Saw above, because the axis should be long enough horsepower to be big enough, in order to promote a composite saw blade.

Two. Installation process

1, open the cover of circular sawing machine, saw blade is monolithic, with DADO composite blade to the original blade change. Remove the blade, the first thing is to turn off the power, if the power switch exclusive must be closed, to start action, on the left there is a hole in the axis of the circular saw, have the opportunity to design a fixing tenon, pushed by below, tenon design is very small, I would use the word play against the sub card let the top tenon, fixed into the axial hole, if you do not have security governance, right can bring gloves to protect themselves, to avoid the right hand when the wrench, the blade must be met and injured, Caution!, then use the machine with the rotating blade wrench the right side of the screws, remove the blade will be careful. Take the blade.

2, replace one of the DADO main saw blade, the monoclinic saw blade must be slanted outwards, that is, the other side of the dart piece is flat.


3, put one of the dart pieces in order, and try to make the dart film and the sawtooth of the main saw in the same plane as far as possible.