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  • Speed correlation of carbide saw milling cutter
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There is a dispute about the rotational speed of the carbide saw blade milling cutter, which is fast and slow. In fact, there is a scale. In one measure, the speed too fast means that the speed of sawing is faster, too slow means the quality of the sawing is higher. How to take it out depends on the actual situation and can be used as a reference. The following information:

An analysis of the fast analysis of the carbide saw blade milling cutter

When the enterprise is busy with production, the speed is required at this time, the quality is an appendage, but it can not be too overindulgent.

Too fast and pros and Cons:

A, Li:

1, the rotation speed of carbide saw blades will be increased quickly, which will increase the speed of sawing, that is, production capacity.

2, the workpiece in the high-speed sawing process, the surface will be more smooth, that is, better finish.

B and its disadvantages:

1, too fast speed will affect the accuracy of sawing of carbide saw blade, which is what we call parallelism.

2, unauthorized adjustment of sawing speed, will reduce the durability of saw blades, saw blades will become undurable, which needs to be combined with feed rate.

3, when the swing is too large and the speed is faster, the left and right pendulum will be larger, which will affect the quality of workpiece sawing.

4, increase the wear and tear between equipment and increase the loss of equipment and saw blades.

Two. Slow analysis of hard alloy saw blade milling cutter

Too slow and pros and Cons:

A, Li:


1, the quality of cemented carbide saw blade sawing is relatively high.

2. Higher accuracy, and the surface parallelism of the workpiece will be significantly improved when sawing.

3, sawing blades are more durable, too slow to overdraw the service life of cemented carbide saw blades, and are more reasonable and more effective.

B and its disadvantages:

1, the cutting speed will be reduced and the production capacity will be affected.

Summary: the rotational speed of the carbide saw blade milling cutter can exceed 3000 revolutions per minute, but it should be set to 2800 to 3000 minutes per minute in general, otherwise the quality of the carbide saw milling cutter will be seriously affected.