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  • Analysis of alloy cracks caused by carbide saw blades
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When the carbide saw blade is used, the speed of rotation is very fast and the temperature is more than 600 degrees C. We remove the problem of the equipment itself. If the alloy saw blade produces cracks, it is usually caused by material, operation and high temperature.

1. Analysis of the material of the cemented carbide saw blade

A, lack of material toughness

The material of the hard alloy saw blade is a kind of alloy. Its state is brittle. It is hard but not enough toughness. It can't be hard to hard when used. It must be operated by professional personnel.

B and welding technology

The position of the cutter head and the base is made up of the welding method (not in one), and the welding technology will be required. The better the welding is, the more stable the operation is, the lower the possibility of the crack.

C, material disqualification2-1F505135349.jpg

If the cause of the crack is the problem of the saw blade itself, there is a kind of possibility, that is, the material of making the carbide saw is not the original, that is, the used material, the recycled material, which needs to be checked and confirmed at the time of purchase.

Two. Analysis of cracks in cemented carbide saw blades caused by high temperature

When the carbide saw blade is sawing material, it is a high speed operation. The temperature of the saw cutting is up to 600 degrees centigrade. This will lead to the oxidation phenomenon on the surface of the saw blade and cause different degrees of burn. This is also the fundamental source of the crack of the hard alloy saw blade, and in the early stage, the crack is very small and is very slow to be found, but I have found it very slowly. They can be judged according to the color of the surface. In general, if there is a crack, there must be different colors around it, such as blue, purple, brown, yellow and so on. This is a different oxidation index tungsten oxide.

In order to reduce the cracks caused by high temperature, we need to strengthen the cooling function.

Summary: in the use of carbide saw blades, we must strictly abide by the relevant provisions, including maintenance and maintenance after work at ordinary times.