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  • The importance of a new type of wood sawing blade with wood keel and square wood
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The most commonly used square saw is the left and right teeth saw blades. The sawing speed is fast and the grinding is more convenient. In addition, there are many kinds of saw blades, such as flat teeth, ladder teeth, inverted trapezoidal teeth and so on.

1, the left and right teeth saw blades are the most widely used, which can be opened and cross saw soft, hard solid wood and density board, multi-storey board, particleboard and so on. There are also left and right toothed saw blades with anti elastic protection teeth, which are very suitable for longitudinal cutting with tree segments. If the sawing quality is very good, the left and right saw blades with the negative front angle can be selected.


2. Flat saw saw blade is rough and cutting speed is slow, but its grinding is very simple. It is suitable for sawing ordinary wood or slotting.

3, the ladder flat saw blade is more complex to grind, but it is not easy to crack when sawing. It is often used for sawing of wood-based panels and fireproof boards.

4. The staircase teeth are suitable for the bottom slots of the cutting plate saw, for example, when cutting the double veneer board, the slotting can be adjusted to complete the slotting of the bottom surface, and then the sawing is finished with the main saw so that there will be no edge.

Daily maintenance of multiple square saws:

1, cushion covers, saw blades and navigation films should be cleaned regularly.

2, when replacing the saw blade, the water of the main shaft will be used for Kong Chongxi, and the wind gun can be blown at the outlet of the inside, and the sundries inside are blown out to ensure the smooth flow of the hole.

3, found that the loosening of the connecting screws should be fastened in time, otherwise it will affect the use.

4, the blade will blunt after a certain period of time. It should be replaced or repaired in time to keep the saw blade sharp, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of sawing.

The above is the need for maintenance of square wood multi sawing saws. Regular maintenance checks found that minor faults should be resolved in time, so that multi saws should be sawed at high efficiency.