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  • Classification and specifications of diamond circular saw blades
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Diamond circular saw blade is a commonly used tool for cutting stone. Its diameter span is large, ranging from 5 to 4500 mm, thickness range from 0.1 to 15 mm. It has a wide range of uses, a variety of types, classification is also very complex, usually has a centralized classification.

(1) according to the shape of circular saws, the main segmented block saw blades and continuous peripheral saw blades are classified.

(2) According to the groove structure, they are mainly divided into slotless diamond saw blades, wide flume diamond saw blades, narrow flume diamond saw blades, keyhole diamond saw blades and so on. The circular saws of different flume are suitable for different cutting conditions. With the development of various kinds of noise reduction, dust reduction and other needs, saw blade groove has developed a lot of non-standard shaped groove, has been continuously promoted and used.

(3) Laser welded diamond saw blades, sintered diamond saw blades and high frequency welded diamond saw blades are classified according to the combination of diamond head and substrate.

(4) Marble cutting saw blades, granite cutting saw blades, concrete cutting saw blades and so on.

(5) according to the classification of processed stones, small plates, saws and blocks (large plates) are cut.

Of course, the above classification method is only the basic classification method, not all diamond circular saw blades are included, there are some special purposes of diamond circular saw blades.


Specifications of diamond saw blades

At present, the basic specifications of domestic stone processing saw blades are usually 105-3500 mm (the specifications of very large foreign saw blades are 5000 mm). Among them, the saw blades below 250 mm are mainly used for decoration and decoration processing on hand-held and semi-professional cutting machines; the P350-500 mm specifications are mainly used for semi-finished building materials processing into engineering cutting. The 600-900mm specifications are mainly used for the sawing of thick stone slabs (pillars) such as tombstones and tomb pillars. The sawing blades above 1000mm are mainly used for the sawing and cutting of barren materials into lumbers (boards), especially the 1600mm sawing blades.

Generally speaking, circular saw blades of less than 250mm are small diameter saws. They are suitable for cutting marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete, decorative materials and building flying damage slotting. They have the characteristics of fast cutting, low power consumption of slotting, low power consumption of slotting, and wear resistance. Dry cutting and wet cutting can be used.

The circular saw blade used for cutting plate mainly refers to the saw blade used for cutting semi-finished plate. Its diameter is generally below 900mm. It is suitable for cutting edges of granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and slate, and is suitable for bridge cutting machine and various manual sawing machines.

Stone cutting is the cutting of solid stones from mines into sheets. Circular saw blades for stone cutting need large diameter blades, with diameters generally between 1600 and 4500 mm. Large diamond pieces for cutting waste materials are welded by matrix and knife head. Generally, high frequency welding is used. The structure with trapezoidal surface can eliminate side friction and lateral deviation, improve the guide performance of the cutter head, and improve the cutting accuracy and quality ratio. According to the different hardness of the cutting stone, the general size and structure of the blade are different, the blade should have a balanced proportion in the direction of the width of the matrix, ensure smooth chip discharge and uniform wear of the blade, long life of the thick blade, but low cutting speed, short life of the thin blade, but high cutting speed. The thinner knife head can be used to cut various quartz-bearing stones such as granite, sandstone and so on. It is suitable for bridge cutting machine and single-arm cutting machine.